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    I have an issue with my current child support. I currently am a soldier in the US Army and stationed in WA state. I have just returned from a deployment to Iraq. My child resides in Pinellas County FL. The child was born in Sept 2004. I joined the Army in Oct 2004. Child Support was established Nov 2006 by the dept of Revenue. When my child support was first established in Nov 06 my monthly income was about $3,300 before taxes. Based off this income I was ordered to pay $649 in current support and a additional $64 a month towards rear child support. The rear CS was set at a little over $12,000. I also was ordered to pay for medic ins bringing the CS amount to about $740 a month. My monthly income when I first joined the Army from Oct 2004 to Sept 2006 was only $1,558.20 before taxes. From Oct 2004 to Sept 2006 I sent the childs mother $275 a month even thow CS had not been established. I was also paying $25 monthly for medical inssur. This left me about $1,200 a month after taxes to support my immediate family. I was struggleing just to keep my family alive. The judge gave me credit for $4,000 of support that I payed out prior to the CS establishment leaving the rear CS at $12,000 When this case went to court in sept 2006 I was not able to provide evidence to support the fact that I was only makeing $1,558.20 a month from Oct 2004 to Sept 2006. I now have this evidence. Since CS has been established I now have a wife and another child to support. What can I do to fix this problem? This seems like a matter that I maybe able to persue in court without a lawyer as long as I have my prior pay stubs to support my claim. What are the steps I need to take to resolve this issue? Should my child support be this high? I now have another child and a wife to support, will this help reduce my child support? Based off the information I provided can you figure out what my monthly CS should be? What amount should my rear child support be adjusted to? Thanks for takeing the time to read about my problem. Sincerly, jrob.

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    Which state rendered the original child support order?
    You are now living in WA. But in which state does the custodial parent reside?

    Much depends on which state has modification jurisdiction (and the child support laws of that particular state).

    Need more info before venturing a guess as to what you can do.


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    The state of Florida rendered the original child support order. The Child and custodial parent still resides in pinellas county FL. Pinellas County FL still has jurisdiction over this case. Thanks for responding.


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    As you recognize, Florida is the state that has jurisdictional authority over the child support order in your case.

    You need to confer with a Florida family law lawyer to get the answers to your questions. Trying to pursue this matter through the FL child support system without a lawyer is difficult enough, but trying to do it while you are 3,000 miles away in WA is nonsense.

    Wish I could be of more help, but the help you need will have to come from a FL lawyer. (But you might also confer with a JAG lawyer in WA to get some additional input.)


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