It's me again. (Florida). I have a default judgement and in attempt to settle (which they said they would not), they have requested from my bank to freeze my account. I have filed a claim for exemption, so I am not worried about a garnishment. However, I do want to know if the process they gave my is valid. They said the only way they can settle is if they freeze my account and get an answer from garnishee (from the bank) as to how much is in my account and if the amount was not sufficient to cover the judgement and fees, that the freeze would be lifted and they would then discuss a settlement.
My questions are:
1. does this sound like a process or are they just saying this?
2. when the collections agency request a freeze on a bank account, is this to validate the amount in the account or is it for something else? (I say this, b/c they know i am exempt from garnishment, so if they know this, why does it matter how much is in the bank?)
3. how long after the collections agency receive an answer from garnishee does it take to lift the freeze?