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    Cool How Many Days Notice Do I Legally Have To Give For Eviction

    I have a person staying with me that dosent pay rent never has and they have been stealing and lying to me. I want to evict them I live in washington. I was told by some one that i only have to give them a three day notice because they are not on lease and it is my home so they are more like a gues. I was wondering what the law really is so i can remove them legaly. thanks

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    Default Re: How Many Days Do I Legaly Have To Give For Eviction

    Google is your friend.

    Google your state plus landlord tenant laws.

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    Default Re: How Many Days Do I Legaly Have To Give For Eviction

    Here's an overview of Washington landlord-tenant law.
    Quote Quoting Eviction in Washington
    The action by a landlord to remove a tenant from a rental unit is known as an eviction or an "unlawful detainer." Some local housing codes define "just cause" for an eviction and outline procedures that must be followed.

    In an eviction based on nonpayment of rent, a tenant may assert any claim for money owed the tenant by the landlord. The tenant's claim (sometimes known as an equitable defense or setoff) must be related to the tenancy, such as the tenant's payment of a gas bill that was the landlord's responsibility under the rental agreement. In eviction actions strict rules and procedures must be observed. Generally, a legal eviction process involves:
    • Proper notice. Before evicting a tenant, the landlord must serve the required eviction notices using proper procedures.
    • Filing of a lawsuit. If the tenant fails to move out, a lawsuit must be filed to evict the tenant.
    • Entitlement to a court hearing. If the tenant disputes the reasons for the eviction, the tenant is entitled to a court hearing.
    • Sheriff's involvement. If the tenant loses the court hearing, the sheriff would then be ordered to physically evict a tenant and remove the property in the unit. Only the sheriff, not the landlord, can physically remove a tenant who does not comply with an eviction notice and only after an unlawful detainer lawsuit has been filed.
    • Liability for attorneys' fees. In an eviction dispute, the successful party is entitled to recoup costs and attorney fees.
    Here's more detail on grounds for eviction and required notices.

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