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    Default Are Firearms Grandfathered To A Felon

    Hello, I am a convicted felon. Convicted of possession of cds (cocaine) in NJ in 1997 and given a 5yr sentence. I have a couple questions about the legality of me owning guns that are going to be left to me by my father when he is gone. I know I can not get a purchasers ID card, but I can not seem to find a definite answer as to whether or not I can own the shotguns that my father is going to leave me. Also I would like to ask, I am a licensed hunter and even have a rifle permit for NJ, I hunt with my fathers guns every year sometimes without him being with me, can I get in any trouble for having in my possession hunting guns that are his?

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    Default Re: Firearms Grandfathered To A Felon?

    If you are not eligible to own firearms, then you are not eligible to own firearms. That means whether you buy them or inherit them.

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