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    Default General Contractor Not Licensed And Not Insured


    General contractor didnt provide a proof of insurance and licence. He signed a document stating he is licensed and insured. The document included the price of work to be performed in the house. After chasing him and trying to get proofs of insurance and licensing, he couldnt prove neither, I was forced to throw him out.
    He filed a lawsuit of damages and claims I didnt pay him in full, although work was never completed. What are advantages/disadvantages for either party?

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    Default Re: General Contractor Not Licensed And Not Insured

    The advantages and disadvantages of what?

    If you paid him for work performed, then he was paid. If not, there is a probability that the court will award him compensation for the amount you owe. Whether or not he can recover for lost profits based upon your terminating the contract? That will depend upon whether or not the court regards your actions as justified.

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