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    Default Client Stopped Payment On A Check

    I run a small business out of my home and any clients I have sign a VERY detailed contract. My problem is this: I had a "client" that wrote a check and on the same day stopped payment on said check. They refuse to pay and I am now in the process of taking them to court w/ court fees, check amount, process fees, return check fee. Do I have a good case?

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    Default Re: Client Stopped Payment On A Check

    We can't possibly answer that, as we don't know anything about your situation other than that your client decided not to pay you.

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    Default Re: Client Stopped Payment On A Check

    ok, here goes...I rendered childcare services for said client and they gave a two week verbal termination b/c they were having a sister watch the kiddies. Client wrote check out for their last week of child care, I am paid on Friday for the upcoming week..they put a stop payment on this check the same day they wrote it. They never showed up for their last week. The contract that they signed is very detailed and says that once a two week notice is given they are to give a two week payment as well, they only gave a one week pay. I called them when I received the check back and they stated that they were not going to pay b/c I shouldn't get "holiday pay" since I am only a babysitter and that I wasnt' open for their last week. Again, in the contract that is signed by them it says that I get holiday pay even when I am closed (they didn't have a problem at Labor day or Thanksgiving time) and I was open: I have attendance records, that are required by the State, to prove that. Past client told me to seek legal action and try to get it from them.

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