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    Default Can't Stand Living In My Home Anymore

    So, I live in my home with my biological mother my step father (whom i consider a father) my reall dad doens't know me or contact me. anyway. I have two younger brothers. My middle brother chris is about my height, weighs a lil less then me but is very muscular. He has tried to snap my neck before because he has a short temper. I don't want him to get into any trouble with the police, but i can't live in this house anymore. My parents always blame me for him getting mad, Chris uses everything against, even RUMORS he heard at school. and he does so that when he is about to get in trouble i get in more trouble, which is what happens. I get nervous living with him now. He is always crabby, and he always lies. and my step dad always takes his side. I get along with my parents pretty well. But i can't stay here with my brother. HE doesn't respect me even with all the things i've done for him. I bring him to his dad's on my cost and i do other stuff, but he likes to start fights with me and say stuff htat isn't ture, adn then he tries to beat me up. I'm scared living here. one time he grabbed neck and turned it the best he could my only defense was to claw at his face. then he jumped on me pulled me to the ground sat on me and started punching my face, all with my youngest brother ( who is 8) trying to get him off me. I want to stay here, but i can't because my parents always blame me for something htat isn't even my fault. And when my parents see him beating me up, they just sit there. unless we almost break something, then its a big deal. I just can't live here anymore..because i'm getting so bad where after he is done i go to room and i want to kill myslef. and i dont' really want to..but i feel its my only option, so I'm thinking about Emancipation, I'm 16 and i live in minnesota what are the conditions for living in mn and wanting an emancipation. pls let me know asap.

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    Default Re: Can't Stand Living In My Home Anymore

    Kendra, Minnesota does not have emancipation statutes.

    You can report the abuse, or you could even consider talking to your school guidance counselor about the problems you are having at home.

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