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    Default Two names on one car title

    Hi, hope i can get some help. my daughter and her ex boyfriend purchased a car and had both of their names put in the title. big shock, they broke up and he has taken the car and refused to give it back. the police tell us that she can simply go get it since her name is on it as well, but i dont want to start playing that game. what can we do to get her name removed from the title? the car is still being paid on. until the last 2 months, my daughter was paying for and driving it. thanks for any advice

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    Default Jointly Owned Car

    Some possibilities that come to mind: She can take him to court and seek an order permitting her (or him) to buy out the other party's interest, to order the car sold and any proceeds (or shortfall) after payoff of the loan split between the parties, or she may try to reach an amicable agreement with him whereby one of them refinances the car and removes the other person's name from the title.

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