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    Default Paying Back Credit Card Judgements

    I had 4 credit card judgements placed against me in N.J. in the summer of 2007. They included 2 bank levies. I called the Court Officer who levied the accounts and worked out payment arrangements of 100$ minumum for each of these. I have been paying these for the last 4-6 months. I plan on continuing to make payments on these but I was wondering if there was a better course. It is becoming more and more of a financial burden to pay these. I want to satisfy these but I am extremely worried about the consequences of not paying or even being late.
    Is it still possible to contact the creditors to make arrangements and get it out of the court? What would happen if I missed payment? I guess what I want to know is it too late to deal with and pay the creditor directly without worrying about the court officer levying accounts or garnishing wages, perhaps removing the judgement altogether and willfully repaying the debts. I am not sure how doing this would benefit the creditor however. The cloud of the courts being involved has me confused and worried.
    Thanks in advance for any input or advice

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    Default Re: Paying Back Credit Card Judgements

    Generally speaking, once it gets to the "go to court and get a levy assessed" stage, creditors don't want to deal with you directly anymore.

    That said, you certainly have nothing to lose by asking your creditors if there is a way to get it out of the courts. The worst they can do is say No.

    (Don't miss any payments to the court.)

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