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    Default Proving Capacity For Financial Support Of A Fiance

    Dear all,

    From Form DS-156K, it reads that the fiance needs to provide evidence of financial support. Can anyone give me some more information about what is the form of 'evidence of financial support' i need to prepare? How many years of proof of income/tax documents? Does the Consulate accept if my company issue a letter to prove my working status? Or they even need to check my bank account passbook? Any minimum requirement of total assets i have to be eligible to get the K1 visa?

    thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Any Detail On Financial Support Of The Fiance?

    Submit the same type of evidence you would submit with an affidavit of support.

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    Default Re: Any Detail On Financial Support Of The Fiance?

    Thanks a lot.

    Further on this topic, as you know the oversea fiance needs to prove very detail financial information or is ok to show that:-
    1) has certain education level e.g. a bachelor degree holder or other rofessional qualification (which to prove that one should have certain ability to get a job when moving to US)
    2) oversea taxation records to prove the annual incomes and tax paid
    3) passbook savings evidence (does the US consulate request fiance to show the every detail of the passbook for a certain period of time?)
    4) does US Consulate accept the proof letter by the employer?

    thanks again... (because really worry the visa is hard to be approved...)

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