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    My husband left with our son a week ago. I was very worried since my husband didn't have a job to suport him. I filed for custody, and a restraining order against my husband. I just recently heard from my husband, and talked to my son. My son is fine, and wants to stay with his dad. My husband is looking for work, and they are staying with a family member in another state. My husband wasn't served any papers to appear for court next week.My husband says he can't afford to drive back here for court. What would happen if he doesn't show up? I think my son would be happier with his dad, and I'm okay with that as long as he is working, and taking proper care of him. Should I still show up for court, and if so will they drop it if I tell them how I feel? Missouri law

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    If you don't want custody or visitation rights, and are happy trusting your penniless husband to take care of your son in some other state, then dropping your case will get you what you want. Is that what you want?

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    And you can't say "if he does this and if he does that".
    You either want him to have primary custody, or not. Once that happens, you don't have a say in if he works, or not.

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