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    Post Questions On Write Ups And Doctors Notes


    I was wondering if anybody knew if write-ups whether verbal or written, were supposed to be given before an employer just flat out fires a person?

    I am asking this because i have missed several days of work due to 2 sick children, 1 with strep throat and asthma, the other with a viral condition. Not to mention we were involved in a car accident last week in which i missed 2 days due to doc wanting me to get rest and the kids as well. ( i have docs note on that as well)

    I am concerned at this point if the company is mandated by law to write up an employee or can they just flat out fire them due to missing work b/c of illness/accidents?

    Also, if they are mandated by law to take into considerations Doctors notes/excuses?

    I do have the Docs note, but something is telling me those don't really hold up well if a company really wanted to fire a person, and probably could do so legally in my situation, because of the time I have missed. I have been with the company for almost 5 years now, but I doubt that would make any difference. Any opinions/advice would get greatly appreciated.

    p.s. Also, do Doctors notes/excuses really help when it comes to helping one keep their job, and would they be able to help legally in collecting unemployment insurance? I am from Colorado by the way.

    Thank you,


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    There is no law in any state that mandates an employer to provide write ups, either verbal or written, before an employee can be fired.

    Any such law would mean that an employee who was caught red-handed stealing, or committing sexual harassment, or who punched another employee, would have to be given a warning before they could be fired. There are times when an immediate termination is justified.

    Outside of FMLA, a doctor's note has no force in law and can be completely disregarded. Doctor's notes are a dime a dozen and can even be found on the internet.

    The failure of the employer to provide a warning might help you with unemployment (or it might not) but it will not make the termination illegal.

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    Default Re: Questions On Write Ups And Doctors Notes

    Thanks for the Info. I appreciate it.

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