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    Default Boundary Dispute

    I have property which has had a fence for over 20 years, upon which I have grazed cows and other livestock, and kept posted for this entire time period. Deed states "xxxxxx creek is the property line..." The fence was put up over 20 years ago beginning at the creek. Now a neighbor has destroyed 200 feet of the fence - claiming that the creek/line is at another location. A concrete pipe is at his claimed location but has no water flowing through nor has had for over 20 years. What is my best approach and can my remedy be. GA property thanks

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    You can pay a surveyor to establish the line. You can also file suit in small claims for the damage to your fence.

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    After several court hearings I have final settlement (I guess).
    I hired a surveyor to determine the property line which was deeded and written on the plat as "the line center of the creek". Ridiculous to me, any idiot could obviously see where the creek flowed.
    I had to pay a surveyor $600 to drive a stake and take photos and make severa l trips to the Courtroom.
    The Judge ordered the criminal to pay damages within 30 days or he will order arrest.
    thanks for your help.

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    You're welcome and it serves him right. He should never have damaged the fence even if he disputed the line. Ga must be fast to hold several court hearings between now and Feb 5th.

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    If the judge ordered payment of damages or arrest I would think (not being an attorney) that you have decisively won your case. It sure sounds like it.

    And you found a surveyor who did all the research and went out to survey and photograph your property and then went to court several times for you and only charged you six hundred dollars - well, you are a lucky person to get that surveyor.

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