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    Default Help With Marrying An Illegal Alien

    Greetings and thanks for your help!

    I live in N.J. and my fiancee is from Brazil (a citizen of that country). She entered the US LEGALLY 7 years ago, with a valid passport which expires in 2010, and with a tourist visa which expired 1 month after she entered the US. She came here to work because she divorced her husband (who was on drugs, cheated on her, was violent, is still on presently on drugs...) and needs to support her 3 children (1 just graduated college other graduates this year, the 3rd. will work as a musician). She has a certificate of divorce from Brazil (translated and notarized).

    From reading other people's stories, I realize she cannot go back to make things right. She has been working here in N.J. and is now my fiancee.

    I am a Bi-vocational Pastor, US citizen, presently working PT as a substitute teacher, and desire to marry this woman who is now a godly christian, and am seeking a full time position as Senior Pastor.
    I am trying to apply for a marriage license, but the city clerk wants a Social Security card (which she does not have not being a US citizen) and proof of residence. The problem is this: she is presently living in a furnished basement of a house that is in a zone that does not permit house owners to sublet rooms. My city hall wants an address and here is where I am stuck, unless I have her move in my appartment (which my parents own) and I will live with my folks which live 3 minutes away,then apply the next day. She wants to get right with the law here in the US and serve in ministry with me as my wife. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I heard I could go to Las Vegas and have no problems, but that would be very costly for me. I know once I marry I must petition for her and the Lord will provide the money in some way for that. Thanks for giving your attention to this matter.

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    Default Re: Help With Marrying An Illegal Alien

    They're not going to check to see if her tenancy is legal.

    They will probably accept an ITIN instead of a SSN.

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