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    Default Cashing Stolen Checks

    In a bout of desperation & lack of better judgement, I cashed 2 stolen checks from my employer over the summer. The police came to my house, questioned me, and told me they would be in touch... that was back in Sept. -- after that, I met with my employer, and while still denying any affiliation with the matter, resigned from my job.

    Yesterday, the police officer showed back up at my home while I was at work & spoke with my boyfriend.. and in not so many words, told him they knew it was me & I needed to call the officer because he had a resolution.

    I know I should seek councel, but I just do not have the $$$ any advise? at all? What sort of resolution could he have? I am petrified of going to jail... not only for this, but I know I have an outstanding warrant on the west coast for a probation violation on a DUI 7 years ago. Whats the chance they 'dont know about that?! (none, I'm sure). Last I heard, my emplyer said they would not be pressing charges, but I dont know if that is still the case.

    The 2 checks totalled around $300... maybe less. I want to pay it back... I;m just scared all the way around.. to talkt to the police. anything.

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    Default Re: I Cashed Stolen Checks... Now What?!

    One possible scenario could be they want you to pay the employer back, and they won't press charges.

    The advice you received in your prior threads has not changed. You can consult with a local attorney, before talking to the police. Or talk to the police and hope it can be worked out without being charged with a criminal act.

    You are going to have to make a decision, as this isn't going to disappear.

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