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    Unhappy Scared To Take Guardianship For Father

    My father is currently in a mental health facility and will be transfered to a nursing home due to alzheimzers. He has no assets and lives on SS. I have had a very limited relationship with him my whole life. I have been advised NOT to become his guardian because this will in effect make him my "child". He is in Alabama currently. Do I have to become his guardian? Can't the state appoint one for him? What are the liablities if I do choose to become his guardian? DHR is pushing me into this and I think it may be a mistake. HELP

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    Default Re: Scared To Take Guardianship For Father

    I'm not sure what your afraid of, he's already in a nursing home.
    The nursing home is his guardian. Who exactly is pressuring you into taking guardianship? Not sure who/what DHR is/stands for. Have you asked them WHY they are seeking guardianship for your father and your liability is?

    Is it that the NH is looking for a next of kin to sign for medical procedures/treatment? There is a difference between a court appointed guardian and a next of kin. You can't be held liable for your dads debts. If he dies with oweing money, it comes out of his estate anyway and once that money is gone, it's gone, they can't come after you.

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