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    Exclamation Religious Rights Of Children

    I have a 16 year old daughter who is very connected to our church. She attends weekly as well as youth group each Wednesday. Her mother and I are divorced and share 50/50 custody. Even on her weeks we (my wife and I) pick up my daughter for church and take her back to her moms. This has been ongoing for over a year. A few weeks ago my ex had told our daughter she could stay with me on her week because our daughter does not want to be there. 3 days into this arrangement she called the police and tried to have me arrested for violating the 50/50 court order. The police did nothing since I had proof that she had given our daughter consent and was changing her mind. However, my daughter still wants to come to church with me even on her moms days and I am afraid her mom will try to have me arrested again so I told my daughter that I needed something in writing from her mom giving me permission to pick her up and drop her off for church. Her mom did this last week but now is refusing. She has told her she can either go to her church (she goes on occasion as a front) or she can stay home. What rights does my daughter have? It seems like persecution to me. Can I do anything to help her? I live in Colorado. Please help

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    Unfortunately you anjd your daughter will just have to work within the framework that you have now. She will be 18 in a short while and can do as she wishes.

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    You can go back to court, and file for a modification. She's 16, and actively spiritual. I don't see how a judge could not listen to her wishes.
    Were talking about a couple extra hours a week.
    And with a 50/50 plan, just take the 4 hours a month from somewhere else. If mom wants to split hairs here, it will cost her time in court.
    I'm concerned about these agreements between you two though. If you aren't abiding by the court orders, you both are in contempt. If you want something, go through the courts, as Mom has shown, she can't be trusted.

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