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    Default Debit Card Fraud

    My 18 year-old daughter gave her debit card and PIN to a friend who told her she would get her some easy money. (We live in Washington State. The account was opened when she was a minor, so i am on the account also.)

    I had no knowledge of the scam.

    When called by the bank and alerted to suspicious activity we canceled the card and pleaded with the bank that it was not my daughters doing. We signed an affidavit saving we did not fraudulently use the account or give the card to others.

    The bank is investigating for fraud and they advised that we should file a police report. Just prior to doing this my daughter confessed to me privately and claims she has not heard from the "friend" who ran up over $5000. in charges.

    Now what do i do?

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Debit Card Fraud

    You and your daughter need to consult with an attorney.

    Although you state you were unaware that your daughter was involved, she now admits that she was.

    An investigation has been started and they most likely will find out that one of you gave out their card and pin so the money could be withdrawn/used.

    Signing a statement under oath saying that she didn't give out the card and pin, knowing she did - is considered perjury.

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    Default Re: Debit Card Fraud


    You need an attorney.

    Your daughter participated in a scheme to defraud the bank.

    You may be off the hook... your daughter is not.

    And tell her to remember that friend's name... or she will go to prison alone.

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    Default Re: Debit Card Fraud

    Thanks for both of the responses so far.
    I just became aware of this on Friday night, and realized that I'd be looking up attorneys for Monday. But decided to educated myself as much as possible beforehand.

    A little more info.
    When the bank was initially investigating, we opened a new account at the same branch. Two days after we deposited $250 into the account their Fraud department assessed the situation as a fraud, determining that we owed nearly $3000. based on bogus checks that had been deposited and then withdrawn from the account during the scam.

    I took my daughter in to plead our case. The bank manager was very understanding and convinced the Fraud department to reopen the investigation, asking us to file a police report. I agreed to do it after I returned from a 3-day business trip.

    It was upon my return that my daughter confessed to me.

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    Default Re: Debit Card Fraud

    Wait. If she only confessed to you, you can both keep that secret between you two and continue to tell the same story. There are ways to steal the number and even to make a card that works, although the "friend" may not have that kind of equipment and expertise. But you two, pretend you don't know what happened and that no card or number was provided to the thief by the cardholder. The investigation may not even be very thorough, considering the relatively small amount involved, whereas if you are just being honest, you may get into too much trouble.

    Do not offer to repay, but do deposit the money if you can. If the bank takes it, complain without overdoing it. Honest people who did not help thieves want their money. They are not eager to pay as much as possible.

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