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    Default Can I Get My 3 DUIs Expunged

    I was convicted in 1996-7-8.For 3-class D fel.DUI's. I have served the probation,fines,jail etc.Was found Habitual by the BMV of Indiana (was not entitled to a hearing-due to lockup)10yr suspension-plus 1yr added by the court. I have not driven since 1998. Indiana Court system retired me as a OTR Truck Driver.28yrs, I had driven/trained all 48states,even as a owner-operator-last job-UPS doubles.Until, I moved to Indiana-then disaster..I'am still and will always be in denial.I was railroaded in this state. My question is; Can I recieve info on expungement,pardon,sealing of my record..What can a person do to clear his record-when so much damage has been done??What is the cost of such??Is it even worth it??How can a person be forgiven, when you are working in a den of snakes??Will, I ever retain a CDL again??I once worked at a Law firm,as a Office Mgr.I'am aware of the behind the door handshakes and deals-nothing happens unless it involves lots of money in this state...It seems the Court system has a way of turning good citizens into criminals,ruining their life, career and then wondering why the world is what it is..Any information is welcomed and helpful-Thankyou for your reply.....

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    Default Re: Can I Get My 3 DUIs Expunged

    I understand Indiana to have limited "expungement" options, following a guilty plea or verdict:

    * Seeking a pardon which, if successfully obtained, provides a basis for expungement by "wiping out the guilt"; or

    * Applying with the State Police to have a record sealed, with the application to be made not less than fifteen years following completion of sentence.

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    Thankyou for the reply-Aaron..As, I did figure, it would be a lost cause..Pardon? It still wouldn't change your status,expungement-who's to say-your records are really expunged? The State; with its limited expungement,is nothing better than to give you a run around.More Lawyer costs and red tape.I've now, read, quite a few threads on these expungements-people are still discouraged as to their States actions.If I wait 15yrs to clear a State police record-I'll be collecting SS. It is no wonder people(like in Indiana)pay under the table to BMV workers to get a drivers license.Its easier, than the hassel of doing whats right.. Its sad,I fought for this country and illegals can get a license,not even be prosecuted,deported and be back tomorrow..Well,maybe its time for me to start sucking off the Government,what a World we live in....

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    Wait a minute.

    Are you wondering why the state would think that someone that had 3 back to back DUI's shouldn't be driving?

    And you think that is a fault of the system, how?

    I agree with you... you are in denial.

    Let me ask you this question. How many DUI's should a professional driver have before they lose their license? In, say, a 3 year period.

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    Default Re: Can I Get My 3 DUIs Expunged

    Ok,I'll answer-Your first question,I don't wonder that at all.A State Justice system that had been fed lies in court-would definately propose such a sentence,and ,I wouldn't expect them not to.I admit my first DUI but,not the two others.All my obligations are now met,The Justice system can't hurt me anymore.But, its the Truth of the matter they can't absorb-so I believe they are the ones in denial.p.s. I do retain a letter of total rehab..#2.Is it the fault of the system?No,I believe the system worked-it was the fault and the actions of Police and a few over zealous P.Attorneys.#3.Am I in Denial,well,-I'am in denial just as the Federal Judge in Fla is-who states,90% of Police who take the stand are lying-Oh,my and she stated; it was to uphold their image to the community...Maybe she's also in denial..Your last question-About as many as the Police that I know-recieved 3-DUI's,suspended with pay,does 6mo on a walking beat and is back in his cruiser-see the Indy paper,who last run his cop car into a retention pond with his beer in the seat,and, the H.S. Principal that is now on dashcam Full-Dui,but not given even so much as a ticket--because who he is--see,total community outrage..I'll make this much easier of all of us-Buy; my book,out next fall called-"Testimony "I've only had 9yrs to write it-It will explain the legal lies on these cases-I'am sorry if you have not cared for my reply,but-I'am not going to patsy and support a Justice system that won't admit their own mistakes-And,I 'am not the only one-I also have Lawyers and hundreds of people who do agree with me.I will not waste anymore of your time..p.s. Do you even wonder?How a person of 28yrs drives with such a clear record,then,3dui's and again 9yrs with no problems-Answer-police quotas,injustice and court tv...Please remove me from you site....I find no help here..

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    Default Re: Can I Get My 3 DUIs Expunged

    Wow. I hope that your book occaisionally uses spaces, punctuation and the occaisonal new paragraph.

    Are you honestly saying that you received two false DUI's? How?

    Your argument about how someone in Indiana and a HS principal got out of the DUI you received effects your situation not at all.

    You asked about expungement. You were given the answer.

    Sorry if you didn't like it.

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