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    Default Possibility I Might Be Dropped From My Insurance Carrier, Anything I Can Do?

    First i Live in ontario, canada

    ok so i have 3 accidents in 3 years, 1 was a rear ending that totalled my 99 tercel, i was deemed at fault, second was a hit and run by another driver whom we caught and there was a full police report that put the other driver at fault and thirdly i tapped a car in front of me at a light when he stopped abuptly but its still my fault...

    what are my chances of being dropped? or is there anything i can do to help myself remain insured?

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    Default Re: Possibility I Might Be Dropped From My Insurance Carrier, Anything I Can Do?

    Mainly this is a U.S. forum & no one can say anyway what any individual ins. co. might do. If you do get dropped, you will just have to try elsewhere for coverage.

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