I live with my fiance in Illinois, and I had a question pertaining to my little sister. It's a long story so bear with me:

My parents got divorced a while back, and while I chose to live with my father (my mother and I have had problems that go way back), my little sister chose to live with her mother. My mother has serious emotional issues and I believe some psychological issues due to her past behavior that have never been addressed. When I lived with both of my parents, I was basically her target to relieve her stress. She would call me names, spread rumors about me (tell people I verbally abuse her and beat her, etc) tell me how useless and stupid I was, never let me go outside, spit on me, grab me by my hair, hit, kick, etc. Sometimes she would come at me and I would defend myself and shove her away, and it would occasionally bruise her-especially if I had a hard time getting her off of me. It was always an accident and I never meant to hurt her-just make her stop hurting me. She would take pictures of her bruises and threaten to bring them to court, although I never did the same with my bruises, which were always worse. My mother would never do these things around friends or family, including my sister. She would deny that anything was wrong, and say that I was acting out. I was happy to get out of there.

There's more but that's all I need to say about that part of this issue. Basically my little sister has become my mother's new target. Although she doesn't do half the things to my sister that she did to me, I want to help her because she's making my sister depressed. My sister has cut herself from being so depressed and from being told she's fat and ugly, and not being allowed to go anywhere or call anyone. She cares about her mother but I hate just sitting and watching things happen to her that happened to me. I want to help her. Is there anything I can do to get her out of that situation? If I pick her up and have her stay with me, can the cops make her go home? The more time passes the worse it gets, and I don't know if it's gotten physically bad there yet but I don't want it to get to that point. Any advice would be great. Thanks