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    Default Responsibility for a Girlfriend's Credit Card Charges

    The case:

    I had a live-in-girlfrind fro 8 years, we bouth 2 homes adn 4 cars together, for all intent and popuses we were a married couple ... one day I cought her emailing with oither man and everything went down hill, we separated, she signed the house over to my name and as far as I knew all banks and vredits were dissolved, we parted in the bnest of terms adn we continue taht way for many years, I marry again and she has her life ....

    I received a call about a year ago that a crd on my name had her as a co-applicant and she can use it, she was an authorized user ... she made over 17k charges, but she was paying the bill religiosly, when I try to get it transfer to her name the bacnk (MBNA) told me taht she can not be on taht account by her self since she did not had income to support it and she would not be able to get taht kind of credit adn I was stuck being on the card and the debt with her ...

    The ISSUE:

    I received a call from MBNA that she has not ppaid the bill for the alst 3 months .. and I can not even get in touch with her ... so, the question is, what kind of lawyer do I need ??? in order to clear my name or at least show taht we were not together when she made the charges adn I was not aware of such a card existed on her name ...

    I will apreciate if anyone has an inside into this problem and what kind of representation do I needd??

    Thank you very much...

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    Default Joint Credit Card

    So the credit card company contacted you to confirm that it was a joint application, and you agreed that it would be a joint card? That would make you jointly liable for the debt.

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