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    Default Ramifications Of A Judgment

    Name of State: Arizona

    A jury recently ruled in our favor in a wrongful death lawsuit resulting from an auto collision that killed our son. The jury found comparative fault at 60 percent for our son and 40 percent for the trucking company. My wife and I were awarded a sum. The defendants are willing to settle for more money than what was awarded to us to avoid a court judgment against them. My question is: What are the ramifications of a court judgment? Does it change the way they can do business? I'm assuming they're insurance rates go up? They deal mostly in fat government contracts, so would a public judgment change the way they are awarded bids? We would obviously like a larger settlement, but only if it hurts the company more than the long-term effects of a judgment. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Ramifications Of A Judgment

    Your laywer is the best person to ask what they're thinking.

    They may not want a public record of the judgment in case similar litigation is brought in the future. Are they seeking a confidential settlement?

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