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    Default Police Report Lied

    I was involved in an accident where another car hit my side passenger door, probably because she did not check her blind sport.

    The accident happened AFTER I crossed an interesection. This accident happened in NYC.

    I didn't have collision insurance so I filed a claim with the other party's insurance. My claim was denied as the police report wrote that "Driver one (which is me) states he was crossing the intersection as it was turning red."

    That is such a blatant lie by the police. I never ever told the police officer that.

    What can I do in this situation? I'd like to think the officer was confused and that this is an honest mistake, but I'm really angry right now. Should I contact the officer and explain my side again?

    Please help.

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    Default Re: Police Report Lied

    If you wish, you can sue her. The police report isn't evidence.

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