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    Default Rear-Ended In My Four-Day-Old Car

    I was involved in an accident over the weekend and this is how it went:
    waiting for a red light to turn green i was the second vehicle in line stopped at the light. suddenly a trailblazer crashes into me at around 45mph.

    we pull off to the side of the road and start exchanging information and getting the police out to the scene. he decides that leaving his phone number and address are enough and leaves the scene.

    police eventually catch him and he is charged with driving with a suspended license, uninsured vehicle, obstruction to justice, and leaving the scene of an accident. the vehicle he hit me with wasnt his at that... it was his wifes which was not in the car.

    my insurance is having to flip the bill for this since he is not insured. i want to know what my rights are.

    i want to sell the car and get most of the loan money back during the sell but thanks to him i cant since now the car has a collision reported.

    next i dont want to see my insurance rates go up because of this since im not the party at fault.

    am i able to file some form of civil suit against him and get him to pay the difference in sale price and pay for any insurance rate increases? im not looking to get outrageous amounts of money from him all i want is whats fair to me since he pretty much has killed the excellent resell value of my car and not to mention that now my insurance will reflect a claim in a motor vehicle accident.

    thanks for any advice

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    Default Re: Rear Ended In My Four-Day-Old Car

    Neither the driver nor his wife were insured? Or was he an excluded driver on his wife's policy?

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