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    Default Can Bank Of America Place A Hold On My Tax Refund

    Ok, so here is my story, a couple of weeks ago my husband received a check in the mail made out to him, so we deposited it into our checking account. Come to find out the check was a counterfeit, our account was immediately placed on hold. At this time we were waiting for our IRS tax refund to be direct deposited into our account. I spoke to a rep who told me that legally they could not with hold our tax refund, so when we saw the deposit was made I needed to call risk managment back and they could release our funds. So today I called to have them release my funds, but now I have someone telling me I was misinformed that they can hold whatever they want until the account is closed (which is scheduled for Feb. 2nd.) At that point they will send me a check for balance. Which should be around $4500. The check that was deposited we did not spend we were just seeing if it was legit, apparently it wasn't I had NO idea that they would shut our account down. I just want my tax refund I don't feel we should have to wait until the account is officially closed. Is it legal for them to hold IRS tax refunds that were direct deposited.


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    Default Re: Can Bank Of America Place A Hold On My Tax Refund

    Just to clarify.... I did not owe bank of america any money when the depost was made, my balance shows $4,069

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