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    Default Items Stolen From Baggage Checked With Airline

    This is a painful story for me, so I will cut it short.

    Some items were stolen from my checked luggage. I flew United from Rome to Dulles. My bags were opened by the Security agents in Rome, and they took my accessories (jewelery, both silver and gold, key chains and silk scarf, etc). The stuff is not that expensive but it has sentimental value and they were mostly gifts. I am seriously hurt and disappointed.

    The value of my items are about 100 USD for the silver items, and perhaps 200 USD for my gold chain. I know the value is very small, but I dont care, this is not right and they should not just relieve themselves from this responsibility.

    I called United, they referred me to TSA, I called TSA, they referred me to Customs. It is a vicious circle. No one wants to take responsibility. I dont know what to do. I want to act quickly before time runs out. I dont know where to go to file a claim, no one wants to direct me to the right person to speak with. I will appreciate your help pls.
    PS. I only realized the items were missing when I went home, not at the airport, the items didnt weigh more than a pound and I didnt notice they were gone until I opened the bag at home.

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    Default Re: Items Stolen From Baggage Checked With Airline

    Giving passengers whose bags have been tampered with the runaround seems to be standard operating procedure.

    Try contacting Customer Relations by web form, or by post:

    Customer Relations
    United Airlines
    PO Box 66100
    Chicago, IL 60666

    If they refuse to help, you might consider suing in small claims court.
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    Default Re: Items Stolen From Baggage Checked With Airline

    You're sure the theft was by airport security personnel in Rome?

    If the items were taken by airport security agents in Rome, your claim would appear to be against the security agents in Rome. TSA doesn't operate in Rome, so they have no jurisdiction over acts of theft by Italian airport employees. Similarly, U.S. Customs has no responsibility for or authority over Italian airport employees.

    I suspect that LawResearcherMissy is on the right track - your best bet for trying to get recourse against the security personnel is if they pick up your cause and advocate for you.

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    Default Re: Items Stolen From Baggage Checked With Airline

    I just had the same thing happen recently at Rome airport. My luggage went missing for three weeks and they said it was stuck in rome. They cut my lock and put on blue security tags with a number on them. I believe it to be some type of mafia or organized crime. I'm sure it's more then one person. AN internal investigation should take place.

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