State: Hong Kong, SAR, China

I was younger then, when I went to some fake modelling agency and got duped. After I filled in a profile form, like with just age, height, weight address, etc, when I gave it to the receptionist, she took a few mins, gave it back to me and said I missed signing at the bottom.

No doubt she had slipped some kind of contract under it, to this day I don't know what it is. It happened in Hong Kong. I tried to ask the police about it but I didn't get any clear answers. They just said be careful signing stuff, but it already happened.

But anyway, now that I want to get serious with pursuing my career in the entertainment industry, i wonder about this contract again, can the owner of that contract actually sue me for any money or breach of whatever stated in the contract? I don't know what is written there, but I heard some television star in Hong Kong went bankrupt or something, from a contract he signed with some phony agency before he was famous.

Is the contract actually valid, given how it was hidden from my when I signed it? there's anything I can do to get rid of this contract? Does it have any right over the money I earn in a different country?

Also, the fake modelling agency had scammed me for some money for taking pictures, which i paid then, and I complained to the police later about the setup, but nothing came of it. The owner of the fake modelling agency said "I'll get my lawyers and sue you"but I don't know what it was for, some money maybe? It could have been a contract for more photos or something but I'm not sure.

The police couldn't help at all, even though she had threatened me and stuff, this officer coerced me into making a statement because he needed his report done, about how she didn't coerce me into doing anything, even though she closed the door on a room and wouldn't let me leave, and wouldn't let me think about it, and kept asking me for money or credit card and said i couldn't tell my family about it.

But anyway, can they sue me for the stuff written on a contract I didn't see, that I was tricked into signing?

It has me worried cos in the event I start earning money from entertainment, I don't want anything to do with that agency. So what should I do?

And does going bankrupt does it free me from any obligations of the mystery contract?