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    Default Getting a job in the retail industry after shoplifting


    My incident happened 5 month ago, and I paid the compensation fee to the store, and they did not call the police. The LP from the store has got my imformation.

    I am trying to get a job from cloth shop, and im afraid if my imformation is put on somek ind of database of national retailers.....

    well i did not get any police involvment,,,the LP keeps my imformation. Will they likely to pass my imformation to other shops or databases?

    thx,..i need to know..

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    Default Speculation about Use of Shoplifting Info

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to guess what may or may not be done by any particular unidentified store, in relation to its internal or shared records of shoplifting incidents.

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    Default ...

    try not to apply to the same chain or another banner of the same enterprise and you should be ok.

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