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    I am in Maryland

    An AFFIDAVIT JUDGMENT was ENTERED on 09/27/2006, For a credit card that I did not pay for. I called them last year and arranged to pay them in monthly payments and I started paying them but I ran into problems and havent been able to since. I received a court letter last June that says the court granted a MOTION TO COMPEL ANSWERS TO INTERROGATORIES, and the the suing credit company (Atlantic Credit and Finance) mailed me questions to answer which I did not answer. Now I find out that there is a Show Cause Hearing scheduled in this case from a Judicary Website and I am wondering what this means. Am I in trouble for not answering these questions, should I show up at this court date? I am currently on probation for a DWI will this affect my probation? The court date is Monday, Thanks for any help.

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    This is a civil action, not a criminal action. Being sued in civil court is not a probation violation as far as I know.

    Yes, show up for the court date. You're being asked to explain why you ignored the interrogatories sent by the court. Do so.

    Ignoring your court dates will not make the problem go away, and may well make it worse - you could be compelled to pay not only the balance you owe on that card, but all of the costs associated with taking you to court over it, too.

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    I went to court today, and the plaintiff did not show up. So the judge said he will put the case back in file.

    For other cases where the plaintiff did show up and defendant did not show up the judge was placing "body attachments" on them.

    What does body attachments mean?

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    It means they can be brought in on a warrant I believe. Though it still should not effect the Probation as said it is civil.

    I just was reading about this here

    It tells you what can be done when a person does not answer the questions or does not show up to court after they do not answer.

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