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    Question Probation Detention Center In Georgia Violates Inmates On Questionable Drug Screens

    What is a probation detainee allowed to do when given a violation for a drug screen that is mishandled? Is there any recourse for the violation? The facility in question had some controversy arise from the testing methods, (unlabeled, unsealed, specimens; unconfirmed chain of custody; multiple detainees with positive results, some let go, some violated, some revoked; and a wave of denials from the facility that the illegal substances came from their own evidence room.) Due to attention from the Press on the procedures involved, many inmates are finding themselves back in county custody with probation violations when they had not used the substances they supposedly tested positive for. Many of these inmates were not even being held on drug related charges to begin with. Is the unfortunate reality that if "they" say you were positive, or did something wrong, it becomes gospel truth and you are merely at the mercy of the honesty of those in charge? If anyone has any suggestions on how to combat false allegations under such circumstances, please share your advice. These "waves" are washing the ground from beneath the feet of inmates innocent of the charges being levied against them, who have had no previous drug violations, nor disciplinary problems while being held in probation detention. Some of them, mere days before release on their charges. It is counter-intuitive for non-problematic, nearing end of sentence, non-drug related charge inmates to suddenly decide to abuse a substance while incarcerated and aware of regular testing. And when a swirl of accusations of improper handling and missing evidence accompany these actions, there HAS GOT to be a path to justice, right?! PLEASE HELP!

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    Default Re: Probation Detention Center In Georgia Violates Inmates On Questionable Drug Scree

    Somebody who is charged with a probation violation can contest the violation at a hearing. It is sensible to get help from a lawyer who handles probation violation matters.

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