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    Default Can I Get A Waiver For Husband

    In 2001 my brother in law filed 1-245 for my husband. We then got married 11/2001. I petitioned him and it was approved but we never
    finished the paperwork. Last year he was in jail for under influence of controlled substance and violation of domestic violence. (he has never it me it verbal) He was picked up by immigration. He got tired of being in San Pedro so he asked to be removed. I'm an american citizen. Is there anything that can be done. He was told in court that I can petition him back or get a pardon.

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    Default Re: Can I Get A Waiver For Husband

    The criteria for getting a waiver are summarized here.

    I'm not aware of any state which will prosecute somebody for verbal domestic violence.

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    Default Re: Can I Get A Waiver For Husband

    Can you refer me to a good criminal immigration attorney. (Ventura County)

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    Question How do I legally marry An illegal?

    I have been struggling trying to figure out the answer to this question my boyfriend and we want to get married and we dont know if getting married in the united states would be best or getting married in mexico im pritty sure we could go get married any time ... but the question is how will it get certified will it be legal or acknowledge...... so how do i legally marry an illegal?

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