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    Default Best approach to making product for already patented idea

    I am in a slight dilemma. I want to develop a board game that is based on an old game show. I haven't developed it yet, but I don't want to put in all this effort into creating something and have the company who has rights to the game show reject my idea. Should I develop it first then try to sell it to the them, or should I ask for permission first? And how can I go about making and selling the idea if I don't get a patent? Is there something minor I can change that would make it different?


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    Default Making The Game Different

    You would most likely be seeking copyright protection for your game, not patent protection.

    You can use somebody else's idea without implicating copyright laws, but it sounds like what you are trying to do is create a board game version of a game show. For that, you should try to get permission up front, because otherwise your efforts may be wasted.

    In the alternative, you can try to make your game sufficiently unique that, although it shares a core idea, those aspects subject to copyright are independent of the game show. The question then becomes whether you believe you can make a commercially viable board game without relying upon the intellectual property of the game show.

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    Default Duplicate Thread

    Discussion can continue in the copyright forum.

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