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    Default Workers Comp In Florida

    In 2006 I herniated C2-3-4-5 while on the job. No problems with the insurance company for the first visit, but from then on nothing but trouble with them. Last year got a lawyer. Still took a year to get a doctor. Had to quit my occupation and move to Missouri. Finally saw a doctor here who has decided to send me to physical therapy, and who also has put me on permanent restrictions. I now work for the government and make 30,000.00 less a year, but the doctor told me that I needed a career change. Do to the restrictions being permanent, I had to turn down a job within the government. Im going to a private mediation in a few weeks. What impact does the permanent restrictions, loss of previous career, and already having to turn one job down due to the restrictions have on my settlement. My attorney is going to be there, but Im curious if this stuff has any bearing on my settlement amount. Doctor said I was at MMI, but did not give a rating, I go back for final appt on March 6.

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    The folks over here concentrate exclusively on Workers Comp issues. You're more likely to get a detailed response there.
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