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    Default Eviction In Los Angeles County

    I received the 3 day notice. This has expired. The management company faxed my info to there legal department. This is for rent non-payment. A goof on my part. I'm not contesting it or anything I will end up paying and staying.

    My question is this: When called from the front door of my apartment complex it rings my cell phone and then I can buzz whomever in. Today someone came by and buzzed me from the front , basically I believe it was a process server. I was out of town on business, I talked to them and they asked when I would be home I said late at night and they said they would be back tomorrow. When I got home there was a small ripped corner of what looked to be a legal document stuck in my door, not taped. I'm wondering if this could have been the Summons and Complaint. Since it was ripped down by someone else how do I know that I was served with papers and when would the 5 days start, even if I officially didn't receive anything? Today would be Saturday and Monday is a holiday. I am in communication with the property manager of the property. I do plan to pay the rent. Just having a small financial crisis. The apartment complex allows a one time stop of the legal process. So I'll be using my one time this time. I'm thinking that I will also get something in the mail if in fact something was taped to my door. Does the 5 days start on the day I received the notice in the mail or on the door (which I technically did not receive)?

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    It could be a legal service. You know this is coming and might as well face it.

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    Default Re: Eviction In Los Angeles County

    Your 5 days starts once you are served with the summons. Since you're not sure what was on the door, you're going to have to go to the courthouse on Tuesday and ask if a proof of service has been filed yet, or if there was a request for service by posting.

    In any event, you may want to go ahead and have the answer to the suit ready to file in case the POS has been filed so that you can protect yourself. Once default is entered, it's difficult to unravel that and a writ of possession can be filed and you won't even know it.

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