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    I live in an apartment in Massachusetts. Our mailboxes are separate from the building, mounted by the end of the driveway. There is one back door to all of the boxes that the post office opens to pick up and deliver mail. For the past 4 days, we have not gotten any mail, nor has it been picked up. I happened to bump into the mailwoman today, and she informed me that the back door to the mailbox is broken and their keys no longer open it. She then told me they have tried contacting my landlord twice about the problem to get them to fix it, but they have not responded. I tried contacting my landlord, but as has been the case with every other problem I've encountered (numerous) they are VERY slow to respond. I was wondering if anyone knew if I would be able to withhold rent over this to try and get their attention so I can actually send and receive mail again, or any other steps I can take.

    Thank you.

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    The very first thing you should do, to ensure you receive your mail in a timely fashion, is to rent a Post Office Box and immediately file a forwarding order so all of your mail is sent there.

    It's my understanding that it is a landlord's responsibility to maintain the mailboxes, but I've not found whther it is permissible to hold rent in escrow for it. I'll continue to look. In the meantime, get your mail set up so you don't miss a bill!

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    Why would the upkeep of the box not be the postal offices responsibility? I have lived in a few states and anytime we had mailbox issues in apartments we had to contact the local post office.

    If in fact it is up to the landlord I would send letters to them and complain get all neighbors to do same instead of calling
    I learned long ago calling is nothing on good old fashioned letter writing or emailing. That way you always have a copy worse comes to worse send it registered mail.

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    I am a postal employee. This may not be much help, but as a quick fix, pending a final solution until you get this situation remedied, you are allowed by the postal service to place your mail on hold for 30 days. Within this time you will be allowed to pick it up at least once a week. Better than not getting your mail. You would not have to send any communication by registered mail, but certified, so you have your own receipt that if was mailed. I would consider calling the Postmaster you deal with to see what that person had to say. I also know you can't lose putting your mail on hold for 30 days as a quick solution to losing important bills. I hope this has helped.

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