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    Default Arrested For Failure To Appear, What Will Happen In Court?

    I was pulled over a couple months ago and was given a courtdate b/c my license was suspended for an unpaid ticket. Before i went to court I paid the ticket, got my lic. reinstated and showed up a @ court with these things done, the judge gave me $215 fine. Before this courtdate I was pulled over again (my license still suspended) and the officer wrote me a warning and said I'd have to appear in court. I didn't realize I had my old drivers license with me and that caused the court summons to be mailed to an address I no longer live @ and my being caught up in day to day things in December didn't remember to follow up. So on 12/26 police got me from my residence with a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear. I spent 9 hours in county jail before my father bonded me out my bond was set @ $500. Now I have to appear in the same court I failed to appear in on Jan 22nd. I had never been arrested in my life prior to this, I don't have any priors @ all, just a driving records with speeding tickets. Does anyone know what I'll be looking @ when I go to court, My biggest fear is jail time, fines I can deal with but what do you think will happen when I go? Thank you for your help **State of Florida**

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    Default Re: Arrested For Failure To Appear, What Will Happen In Court?

    901.11 - Effect of not answering summons is punishable by a $100 fine.

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    Default Re: Arrested For Failure To Appear, What Will Happen In Court?

    In Florida an attorney can be a big help and their rates are very reasonable. I would have one try to straighten this out for you. Once the court is taken care of you still have to pay a fee to the DMV to get your license reinstated so don't forget.

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