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    Angry Towing Visitors' Cars From Apartment Parking Lots

    In the state of Arizona at my apartment complex I had a visitor who parked in the visitor area but the tow truck driver began to put equipment on the car to tow the vehicle. He claimed the car needed a special pass to be in the visitor section and that the fee was one hundred dollars cash or he would take the car. He was threatening and unwilling to remove his equipment without cash. The police were called but were unable to act claiming it was a civil dispute. Is it legal for a tow truck company without being called to remove vehicle from private property? Doesn't there need to be a property owner present? There is an agreement between the complex and the towing company that they are able to drive through randomly and tow any vehicles they deem in violation. Is this legal? The signs posted mention a fee for stored vehicles but nothing about one hundred dollars drop fee for a vehicle that is not even on the truck. Night after night there is someone else in this same position and I have even heard different drop fees demanded from the tow truck driver. Can anything be done? What is legal and illegal in this situation?

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    Default Re: Towing Visitors' Cars From Apartment Parking Lots

    Apparently this is posted, and the car was parked in violation of the signs. I don't see a governing statute, but I may have missed one.

    If the car owner feels that the towing charge was not lawful, he can research Arizona's statutes here (and also check for any applicable local ordinances), and if he finds anything supporting his position he can sue in small claims court.

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