I received a bill for $6000 today for services more than 2 years old. In 2002 a large TN hospital organization had disputes with what is probably the largest medical insurance company in TN. During this disagreement the insurance company and hospital group did not have a new contract with one another. There were letters sent out to local residents by the hospital that they were in negotiations with the insurance company and our insurance was still being honored at the hospital. Now two years later there seems to have been an audit and the insurance was billed for more services from this particular time period. I had this insurance with a different employer at that time. Also the hospital was part of the larger group. Since then the hospital has not resigned the contract with that group and has become a local independant hospital. I have changed jobs and obviously insurance companies since then. The older insurance company is telling us they were not a part of their network at the time of services and the hospital thinks we are responsible for the payment.Please help if I have made any sense at all.