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    Question His Word Against Hers In Florida

    My roomate is going through a divorce and messy custody and visitation battle and his ex has been appointed an attorney because she is a "victim of domestic violece". Although, my roomate admits that he reached through the car window and grabbed her arm as she tried to drive away, he never did this in front of his child. Now, she is convincing her attorney and the court magistrate that he is unfit father and needs to have only supervised visitation with his daughter.

    This is only based on things that she has told her attorney. Like: he is an unpredictable drunk", "He can't be trusted with little girls", " He beat me, he will beat her too"...and the list goes on and on.

    None of the above accusations is true in anyway. I have know him for over 12 years. His daughter truly loves him and even said that she wants to live with him and that she knows her mommy lies all the time. This little 9 years old girl is suffering because of her mothers false accusations and statements.

    Is this slander? Especially if it is taken to be true without proof of any of the above???? Can the court force him to take parenting classes because of her claims? Can anything be done?

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    Default Re: His Word Against Hers In Florida

    He needs to get a lawyer and work it out through the custody court.

    As your friend now realizes, when you commit acts of domestic violence there can be negative consequences in family court.

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