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    Default Once Again People Get All The Luck

    Why oh why cant I seem to have a bad arrest so I can sue the police dept? I've come close to hitting the mother load but as soon as they see my camera gear and secure audio recording system (if anytime I'm out of sight of my camera with a cop I push my PDA phones panic hotkey which will enable speaker phone and call a line that a computer picks up and records everything) Anyway

    CLEARWATER, Fla. -- A 75-year-old woman was arrested at a Clearwater McDonald's drive-thru, because police say she wouldn't pull her car forward.

    Authorities said Jean Merola, a grandmother of eight, was arrested for disorderly conduct after she refused an officer's orders to move her car while she waited for the coffee and fries she ordered at the drive-through window.

    Merola said the McDonald's employees told her to wait there for her food.
    Merola was handcuffed behind her back and put in the cruiser.
    Another officer arrived and took her to the Pinellas County Jail .
    Merola said she was searched, photographed and fingerprinted.
    Jail records show she was released about 90 minutes later on her own recognizance.
    well if that woman didnt have a nice retirement plan, she has one now. I'd sue them and then super-size my lawsuit with a 2nd one just for fun.

    Too bad all my encounters end with being told I should just go, never touched or arrested yet.

    Remember contempt of a cop is not only legal but is also advisable.

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    Default Re: Once Again People Get All The Luck

    More on the "French Fry Grandma".

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