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    Default Getting Guardianship Of My Grandmother

    We live in Minnesota.

    My Grandmother lives in OK. She has had hallucinations, she refuses to eat, drinks alcohol even though she is not supposed to, Can not take care of herself. She breaks ribs in her sleep, She is currently in a Rehab center for another broken hip from a fall. However she swears she "WILL NOT go into a home, she is perfectly fine". Her Dr says she does need someone to stay with her. She refuses to move back to MN. Neither me or my Mom can move to OK. She has a "friend" who has been helping her, however lately she has been ranting to us & other friends of my Grandma on how she "deserves" something. (My grandmother does have a daily assistant that comes in to help her 5 times a week). She also latley has been talking about some of my Grandmother's things. Some of which are valuable money wise, but more valuable as family heirlooms and such. And now just recently we have just received word from 2 friends of my grandmother that this person is trying to get my grandmother to change her will. The last time My grandmother was in the hospital she said $200 was missing. When we confronted this person she had said originally my Grandmother was delisiunal. Then fessed up saying she paid bills, but there is no record of this. We were going to go down the day after Christmas to visit my grandma. This person said my Grandma didn't want us down there & if we showed up she was instructed BY my Grandma to call the cops. But when we talked to my Grandma she was drugged up at the hospital and couldn't remember anything or knew what was going on. Is there a temp. action we can take to stop this woman who I strongly believe is taking advantage of my grandmother and then how would we go about getting guardianship of my Grandma? The Dr says she needs to be monitored. however this lady keeps insisting she is fine. Even though she has told us in the past that she is delusional?


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    Default Re: Getting Guardianship Of My Grandmother

    Go to this page and download a Guardianship Handbook. That provides a summary of guardianship law in Oklahoma. Your situation is more complicated, as you live in another state and may be intending to move your grandmother to Minnesota, so I think it is sensible to consult a lawyer in Oklahoma.

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    Default Re: Getting Guardianship Of My Grandmother

    You also need to get the physician involved. If he said that she can't stay alone, he/she can help you take the steps needed. She's either in her right mind or not. Sounds like not, so nothing that this person does "change her will, etc" will be legal. The physician getting involved will have the documentation you need to support this if this person does try and get her to change her will. It will also help with the guardian process.

    Getting guardianship of another is not a fast process most of the time. Don't delay in seeking legal advice.
    Is there a medical power of attorney? There maybe one without you knowing it. Check with the rehab center they might be able to help.

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