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    Default Fourteen-Year-Old Caught Shoplifting

    My daughter was caught shoplifting at JCPenney's, She tried to steal 2 sweatshirts totaling $74.00. They tried to get her to sign some paperwork while I was present instead of asking me to sign, and they took her picture. They banned her from the entire mall for one year.
    They had the police come, but she was not arrested, she was released to me. The JCPenney's security person said that she will have a court date in Juvenile court and that she would have to pay up to $500 and also the cost of the merchandise and would also have to go to a shoplifting class, they said that the case would most likely be sealed after that.
    This is her first offense.
    Should I get a lawyer?

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    panther10758 Guest

    Default Re: 14 Yr Old Shoplifting

    She is facing criminal charges yes of course she needs an Attorney. the monies JCP mentioned is Civil Demand and that is outside of any court fines that she will get.

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