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    Default Automatic Qualification for Social Security Disability

    Are there medical conditions that result in automatic approval for Social Security disability benefits?

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    Default Automatically qualifying for SSI / SSDI based on disability

    There are medical conditions which are enumerated in the Social Security Administration's Impairment Listing Manual which, if found, will lead to a grant of benefits. However, just claiming to have one of the listed conditions is not enough - you have to demonstrate that you have the condition. If your medical or treatment history does not support your claim that you have the condition, you will likely be denied even if it is listed.

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    Default Re: Automatic Qualification for Social Security Disability

    Babies and small children with developmental disabilities. My daughter was approved the first time and quickly at 2 yrs old. I didn't find the process difficult at all. All I needed was her medical records and proof of income. But this was for SSI.

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