What is the name of your state? MO

I live in Missouri, and my ex husband lives in Arkansas. Our custody agreement includes that he will provide health insurance for our daughter. He is trying to enroll her in ARkids, which is a program for Arkansas residents. We have joint custody, our daughter lives with me and visits him on the weekends. According to him, the Arkids program would only allow HIM to take her for medical care in Arkansas. Which means that should she need any type of care, I would have to take her to him during the week. I contacted the ARkids office to see if her coverage would include anything in Missouri. They said no, this is only valid with Arkansas providers. Should she have an emergency in Missouri, she would not be covered. He says that technically he IS providing health insurance for her and following the custody order. Has anyone had any experience with this type of situation? Does this seem correct that she actually only has coverage when in his care?