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    Default Moving In With Father Against Guardian's Wishes

    hello my name is Tamara Hickox im 17 years old i have been living with my grandparents after my moms death last year my father is still alive and i want to be with him if i walk out and go be with him will i be classified as a run away?? he is willing to pay for my ticket to get there!! will i be able to do this??

    Tamara Hickox

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    Default Living with Grandparents

    Did your grandparents go to court to get a legal guardianship over you? If so, your father should consult a family lawyer about your situation. If not, and you are just living with your grandparents because they took you in after your mother died, then despite your living arrangement your father probably has custody by virtue of operation of law.

    It would probably be a good idea, one way or the other, for your father to consult a family lawyer and confirm what is going on.

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