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    My father passed away leaving me as executor and sole beneficiary. I recently sold his mobile home for less than $30,000 and received a cashier's check made out to his estate. I live in Washington state and my father's mobile home was located in Oregon, where he passed away. I have an original death certificate and Will. What do I need to do to cash/deposit this check? I do not have an estate account, only my personal account.

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    You need to set up an estate account and deposit the check. After all the bills are paid you can take the money back out.

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    How do I set up an estate account? Can you point me to a previous post (I imagine one is already posted) that explains it?

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    The estate is in what state? (Although odds are, if you've already been appointed administrator of the estate, your bank of choice can guide you through the process.)

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    The "estate" is in Oregon. Actually, my father passed about two years ago. His accounts are all closed, bills all paid, home sold and belongings divided. All that's left is a piece of land in So. California, which I pay taxes on, and the cashier's check for the home sale, as mentioned in my first posting. It seems there should be a simple way do do this without involving a lawyer but I can't seem to find that way.

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