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    Default Name Change and Birth Certificate Change

    I have two questions really. First, I live in New York state. My son's bio father lives in Kentucky, I think. When I had my son, the bio father and I had broken up (never married) but I put his name on the birth certificate. I gave my son my last name. I was on medicade at the time so the state went after the father for support, etc. I honestly dont remember if anything was done about paternity, but there was no doubt that he was the bio father. The bio father has been paying child support (garnished) all this time. But when the state first went after him, he moved around alot to avoid them finding him. It took a few years and now I get support every week. I do know that custody was never actually established through the courts. Well, I have since gotten married. And I want to change my son's last name - preferrably without getting the bio father involved. I would also like to get the bio father's name removed from the birth certificate, but I believe I would have to go through a legal adoption in order to do that. I'm just worried that after all these years, if I go back to the bio father, he may ask for visitation, etc and it would be granted because he's been paying support. He's had absolutely nothing to do with us since the birth!! The court ordered him to pay support (I never asked for it) and to carry medical insurance (I always carried our own though). What do you suggest for the name change? Is there any way to change my son's last name without getting the bio father involved? And what do you suggest about the birth certificate/adoption issue? How long would I have to wait if I didnt want to get the bio father involved? At what age would my son have a say in the decision for visitation/name change? I would appreciate any advice you can give me. I know it's a complicated situation!!

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    Default Re: Name Change and Birth Certificate Change

    The father is entitled to notice of any name change proceedings, and has the right to oppose your petition.

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