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    Question Divorce Lawyer Failed To Show 2nd Financial Statement

    Florida -
    My lawyer and I worked off of my ex's financial statement for my mediation.

    Six months before mediation for divorce was held, my ex signed for a business. (I found out this information on website the date he started it). This was never disclosed to me at mediation.

    I sought out a new lawyer in my new town (same state) since my first lawyer had passed away. I had my whole file sent to me from his son who took over.

    In the file I found that a 2nd financial statement was given on the day of mediation to my lawyer showing the business, another bank account and money that was being transfered to American Express as well to another account. All of this I was never aware of and was not shown this 2nd financial on the day of mediation. I was told by the new lawyer there is nothing I can do since I signed at mediation.

    I made life sacrifices married 15years, moved every 2-4 years for my ex's promotions and gains that has left me at age 47 with $8.00 an hour job barely making payments. I do get alimony for 4 more years, but after that I won't be able to afford where I live. Why can't I bring my case back to court with obvious hiding of money and owning of a business, that I was never aware of until I have my file sent to me to see this 2nd financial statement.

    Do I have any options to take this to civil? My lawyer is deceased, any options if he was with a firm I could do something there since I was not represented properly?

    Thank you in advance for any advise.

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    Default Re: Divorce Lawyer Failed To Show 2nd Financial Statement

    You have a potential malpractice case, although at this point it would be against the lawyer's estate. Consult a local lawyer who handles legal malpractice matters to have your case evaluated.

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    Default Re: Divorce Lawyer Failed To Show 2nd Financial Statement

    Thank you for your prompt reply, I will seek locally for further advise.

    Regards, Nancy

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