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    Default Repossessing a Vehicle After a Private Party Sale in Washington

    I live in Washington State and would like to know what I need to do to reposess a motor vehicle .

    Here are the circumstances.

    On September 20, 2007 we, as private parties, sold to another private party (Party B) a bus. Party B already owns other buses.

    The agreement was that Party B would purchase the bus with a downpayment of $2000, pay $500 a month on the 20th of the month until the remaining balance of $6,500 was paid. Party B kept bothering us to fax them a bill of sale. We sent it to them and they were supposed to sign it and fax it back with proof of insurance. Once Party B received the fax they never sent back our copy. They also have not made any payments (other than the original down payment).

    We have called Party B many times trying to talk to him about getting paid. The phone has only been answered twice in person, once by a person who said she was the receptionist and the second time by Party B. who said he did not have the money but would get us paid.

    The tabs on the bus had expired in Oct. 2007. We have discovered that Party B has put different plates on the bus.

    We are afraid that if Party B finds out that we are wanting to reposess it then he will take parts off or destroy the bus. He apparently has quite a shady past that we are learning about not.

    My question is: What steps do we need to take to reposess our bus?
    Is there some law in WA that you have to hold the vehicle for a certain amount of time?
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Repossessing a Vehicle After a Private Party Sale in Washington

    Do you have a lien recorded on the vehicle's title?

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    Default Re: Repossessing a Vehicle After a Private Party Sale in Washington

    I'm no lawyer but for what its worth I've learned ALOT from tv court shows lol. Anyways, I would hope you have the contract in writing if so that will seriously help the outcome. I've seen many cases go to court for the same scenario in which they sue for the amount owed and either the plaintiff is awarded the outstanding balance or the property is returned. You may have better luck filing a case in court against them. Whatever you do I would say do not take it into your own hands of course (common sense would tell most people that). I don't know how much help it is but maybe its a start at least.

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